Information for the postdoctoral studies

According to the Regulations for Postdoctoral Research of the University of West Attica (Government Gazette 827 / Β / 8.3.2019):

The University encourages and provides opportunities for postdoctoral research in subject areas that fall within the interests of its academic units and Laboratories.

The Postdoctoral research is considered as the research carried out by PhD holders, with the aim of responding to special scientific problems and the development of new research directions in rising scientific needs.

The main objectives of the Postdoctoral research are the following:

The support of early career researchers capable of contributing to the progress of science, research and its applications and the identification of the University of West Attica as an Institution which supports early career researchers.

The extension of the results of the researchers’ doctoral thesis in new scientific directions that interest the research teams of the University.

The qualitative upgrade of scientific research and the dissemination of results as well as the transmission of expertise knowledge.

 Holders of a Doctoral Degree from a Greek university or international universities that have been academically accredited and recognised by the National Academic Recognition and Information Center (DOATAP),  have the right to apply for a postdoctoral research (throughout the year). The application needs to state the faculty member of the Department who will supervise the postdoctoral research.