Information for the PhD studies

The Department of Social Work offers opportunities for Doctoral Studies (Government Gazette 5997 / 31.12.2018). 


The Doctoral Studies of the Department of Social Work offer the qualification of a PhD to candidates who can undertake autonomous and original research in the research areas and the subject themes of the Department. 

The qualification of a PhD certifies the conduct, writing and presentation of independent original scientific research and reflects the substantial contribution of the researcher to the development of knowledge and science. The doctoral thesis must attend to high quality scientific standards and respond to current social needs as well as research needs of the Social Work science. 

The purpose of the Doctoral Studies is fulfilled by the preparation of an original Doctoral Thesis according to the international academic standards under the supervision of a Tripartite Advisory Committee (article 38 of law 4485/2017). 

Doctoral Applicants 

Any holder of a postgraduate degree (master) from Greek Universities or international universities that have been academically accredited and recognised by the National Academic Recognition and Information Center (DOATAP), can submit a doctoral application to the Department of Social Work. 

Application and selection process 

Candidates can submit their applications to the Secretariat of the Department twice a year, on 1-30 October and 1-31 March. Further submission dates may be set, following a decision of the Department’s Assembly, in case of research projects by the Department and other research needs. 

Please find the documents you need to submit supporting your application in article 5, par. 4 of the Doctoral Studies Regulation below.