Committee for Gender Equality

The Gender Equality Committee was established in 2021 at the University of West Attica with a three-year term, as an advisory body of the Senate and the Administrations of the Schools and Departments for the promotion of equality in all levels and procedures of academic life (77936 / 30.09 .2021).

The Gender Equality Committee (EIF PADA) has, according to the law, the following responsibilities:

a) Prepares action plans for the promotion and assurance of substantial equality in the educational, research and administrative procedures of the University and prepares an annual report, which it submits to the Senate.

b) Recommends measures for the promotion of equality and the fight against sexism.

c) Provides information and training to the members of the academic community on issues related to gender and equality.

d) Provides mediation services in cases of complaints of discrimination or harassment.

e) Promotes the design of Postgraduate Studies and the conduct of seminars and lectures focusing on the study of gender.

f) Promotes research on issues related to its field of competence.

g) Provides assistance to victims of discrimination when they report it. Particular issues of support for victims of discrimination are regulated by the Commission on the basis of the Internal Regulation of the University.

Τwo members of our Department participate at the Committee, Mrs. Konstantina Sklavou, who is also the Chair of the Committee, and Mrs. Eleni Papouli, Deputy Chairman.

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