In our curriculum, the following modules can be offered also in English for Erasmus students:

  • Introduction to Social Work (1st Semester)
  • Self-awareness in Social Work (1st Semester)
  • Theoretical Approaches in Social Work (2nd Semester) 
  • Social Policy and Social Work (2nd Semester)
  • Community social work (4th Semester
  • International Social Work and Greek Reality (5th Semester)
  • Discrimination and anti-oppressive approaches in social work (5th Semester)
  • Crisis Intervention in Social Work (6th Semester)
  • Human Rights, Social Work and Movements (7th Semester)
  • Radical and Critical Social Work (8th Semester)
  • Field practice placement I & II: Students are placed in organizations that are in collaboration with the Department and have English-speaking social worker instructors. Students are also offered group supervision in English by a faculty member of the Department once per week. (7th and 8th Semester)