Postgraduate Course

In the academic year 2022-2023, our Department in conjuction with the Department of Social Policy at Panteion University will offer a Postgraduate Course on  “Social Rights and Advocacy in Social Services” (Government Gazette 1935 B ‘/ 19-04-2022).

The main objective of the Postgraduate Course is the provision of specialized theoretical and applied knowledge in the field of Social Rights and Advocacy in the Social Services of Social Policy and in the key areas. Its purpose is to familiarize postgraduate students with the complex theoretical and research tools in the analysis and understanding of Social Rights and Advocacy in the context of their practice in modern social services. The Course focuses on the description, development and critical interaction of fundamental social rights in the particular context of social services. Special emphasis is given on advocacy methods.

The innovation of the Program lies in the fact that, for the first-time advocacy methods are taught at the postgraduate level in Greece, as part of a human rights based interdisciplinary approach. 

This Course will be tuition-free and will enrol graduates from the departments of Social Work and Social Policy.

In due course, there will be more updates the admission process. The announcements will be shared, in the first instance by the Department of Social Policy of Panteion, and will be re-posted on the web-page of the Department of Social Work and PADA.