Ioakimidis Vasilios

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Faculty Members

Professor, Head of Department


Office Address

Campus 2, building Δ΄

Academic area

Historical and Comparative Social Work


Teaching modules

  • Social Work and Social Policy
  • International Social Work and the Greek Context
  • Social Work in Crises Contexts
  • Social Rights and Advocacy; Historical and Comparative Perspectives


Brief CV 

Vasilios Ioakimidis is a Professor of Historical and Comparative Social Work. He is affiliated with international Universities (University of Essex and University of Johannesburg) and until 2020 was the Founding Chair of the Centre for Social Work and Social Justice at the university of Essex. Prior to this Vasilios Ioakimidis was an Associate Professor at the University of Durham.

He is currently the Global Education Comissioner at the International Federation of Social Workers and the Co-Editor in Chief of the British Journal of Social Work. 

Vasilios Ioakimidis has also been a founder member and member the Steering Committee of the Social Work Action Network (SWAN) a radical social work organization which brings together social work practitioners, service users, academics and students united in their commitment to promote social justice and defend welfare rights.

Much of his research revolves around the broad theme of Social Work in Extremis, an exploration of social work practice in the context of unpredictable and extraordinary political, social, economic and environmental change. 

Vasilios Ioakimidis has been invited to deliver key-note presentation in several countries including Puerto Rico, the US, Colombia, Australia, Turkey, Cyprus, the UK, Kenya, Canada, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Finland, Norway, Vietnam and Brazil. 


2009, PhD in Social Work, University of Liverpool, 

2004 MPhil, University of Liverpool (by progression to PhD) 

2003, BA (4-years) in Social Work, ATEI of Patras, Greece.

  • Historical and Comparative Social Work 
  • Radical and Critical Social Work Theort
  • Social Work in Extremis 


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Articles in peer reviewed journals and book chapters (last 5 years)

Vasilios Ioakimidis, Gregory Neocleous, Agamemnonas Zachariades, Ayşe Ozada & Buse Erzeybek (2021) ‘Educating for peace’: conflict, division and social work education in Cyprus, European Journal of Social Work, DOI: 10.1080/13691457.2021.1896993

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Ioakimidis V and Hall N, (2016), Social Workers as Human Rights Defenders; responding to rights’ violations targeting social work practitioners globally. Report Commissioned by IFSW and IASSW 


Funded Research

  • 2019-2021, A Better Start Southend (ABSS). 5-year Research and Evaluation programme aiming at transforming ways of thinking about services for very young children and their families in disadvantaged areas €1,000,000 (Principal Investigator) 
  • 2015, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights in Partnership with NGO Symfiliosi on “Monitoring initiatives to safeguard and strengthen fundamental rights in Cyprus”  £420, 000 (Member of the Cyprus team of National Experts- NGO Symfiliosi)
  • 2012, European Commission, ‘Access to Justice for Children with Mental Disabilities’ (JUST/2011-2012/FRC/AG) €800,000 Co-Applicant (University of Nicosia)
  • 2010 European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights in Partnership with First Elements Euro consultants LTD  €400,000 (Member of the Cyprus team of National Experts)
  • 2010, British Council, DeLHPe, project focusing on exchange of expertise, development of research exchange between UK and India £40,000 (Co-Applicant- Liverpool Hope University)
  • 2004-2009  Greek Scholarship foundation, The political Construction of Greek Social Work €30,000 Main Applicant